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9"How to hide."  5  6caffeine_induced78  Eugene
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11"Mesa Verde - home of the Anasazi"  15  14smoox  Nürnberg
12"Enduring home in a fragile world"  5  10goodfish   Minneapolis
13"An Ancient Anasazi City"  9  7Easty  Hackettstown
14"Spectacular Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verde"  4  9lisa85202  Albuquerque
15"The Jewel of the Southwest"  6  18painterdave  Padova
16"MESA VERDE NATIONAL PARK"  2  3cheesecake17  Shizuoka
17"Mesa Verde National Park"  2  5Martinewezel  Belgium
18"Cortez, Colorado and Mesa Verde National Park"  3  4basstbn  Overland Park
19"Touching the Anasazi"  1  3Lacristina  Pittsburgh
20"[NO TITLE]"  1chrislm  Ignacio
21"[NO TITLE]"  1  5razorbacker  Phoenix
22"Southwestern Trip ~ Mesa Verde National Park"  1  33dacrites  Pennsylvania
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