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1"San Diego, California"  168  536lmkluque   San Diego
2"San Diego"  97  282Yaqui   California
3"Jim_Eliason's San Diego Page"  84  225Jim_Eliason    Grand Prairie
4"Warm up to San Diego"  38  73Pawtuxet    Rhode Island
5"PAGE DEDICATED TO LINDA (lmkluque on VT)"  259  297matcrazy1   Tychy
6"Something for everyone...San Diego"  26  99travelgourmet  Westlake Village
7"Our San Diego Adventure"  26  36travelgirl3  Burlington
8"San Diego"  25  70Dabs  Chicago
9"So Cal... So Cool!"  41  139Jefie  Quebec
10"Catch the sunshine in SAN DIEGO"  48  89vigi  Hong Kong
11"b1bob's Excellent San Diego Adventures"  26  28b1bob   Mechanicsville
12"JUNE GLOOM IN SAN DIEGO"  15  44sabsi  Düsseldorf
13"Winter in San Diego"  18  18Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
14"SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA"  44  179Phalaenopsis03  Los Angeles
15"San Diego"  17  13racheljapi  Rio de Janeiro
16"Under Construction"  33  146goodfish   Minneapolis
17"Another Beautiful Day in Paradise!"  20  87garridogal  Boston
18"San Diego, California"  38  81Stephen-KarenConn  Pikeville
19"The Southwestern end to the Continental US"  10  12ATXtraveler  Allen
20"One of the USA's Most Enjoyable Cities!"  23  40basstbn  Overland Park
21"From 0 to 65 in 4 days .. Getting up to speed!!"  20  68shrimp56  Chicago
22"Beautiful San Diego"  10  6butterfly_girl  Austin
23"Jewel of Southern California"  18  21Ken_Weaver  San Diego
24"LIke My Home Away From Home"  15  12LauraWest  Webster Groves
25"San Diego = Big Time!!!"  30  65trotador  Barcelona
26"San Diego - Always Rated Best to Live In!"  10  33jumpingnorman  Phoenix
27"San Diego-The Finest City"  18  76winnietankl  Penang
28"San Diego - California"  11  13bugalugs  United Kingdom
29"It's All About Neighborhoods"  11  15Hopkid  Richmond
30"A Godlden City"  10  16wwliu  San Diego
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