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1"A place to take in the sights and smells!"  11  23Yaqui   California
2"Morro Bay, California"  9  10bugalugs   United Kingdom
3"SITTING AT THE ROCK OF THE BAY"  10  29travelgourmet   Westlake Village
4"Uniquely Set Fishing Village"  8  32atufft   Stockton
5"Welcome to the Rock?"  6  32Ewingjr98    Pennsylvania
6"The Bay, The Rock and The Power Station"  7  13johngayton  Lundy Island
7"A Popular Central Coast Location"  5  9trvlrtom  San Jose
8"It is much more than a rock"  2  4keida84  Oxnard
9"Morro Bay stay cool while wine tasting."  3toddecus  Manhattan Beach
10"[NO TITLE]"  1  1edenofgarden  World
11"Just follow the huge rock!"  6  21tvdandy  Panama City Beach
12"[NO TITLE]"  1bevjerry  Cambria
13"Morro Bay perfect for a long weekend"  1  4ddbleu  Martinez
14"Morro Bay"  5  5Skibbe  Austin
15"A Northeastern Fishing Village on the West Coast"  1  6Callavetta  San Francisco
16"elighadams's new Morro Bay Page"  10  11elighadams  Fresno
17"Morro Bay, California"  5  6jennykp  Woodland Hills