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1"~Lee Vining ~"  22  70Yaqui   California
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3"Mono Lake, a recovering endangered ecosystem!"  10  18JLBG   Grenoble
4"Mono Lake"  18  39chewy3326   Virginia
5"Base Camp for Eastern Yosemite and Mono Lake"  9  24mtncorg   Portland
6"Lee Vining, California."  9  12dutch_anna  Netherlands
7"Mono Lake (near the town of Lee Vining)"  2  4JanPeter74  Rotterdam
8"Highlights of Lee Vining"  3  15Africancrab  Sierra Vista
9"Lee Vining : Mono Lake and Bodie"  8  9annelies77  Oostende
10"[NO TITLE]"  1twcrowe  Lee Vining
11"Lee Vining & Mono Lake Page"  5  6Roeffie  Druten
12"[NO TITLE]"  2  9blueskyjohn  New Jersey
13"Lee Vining Page"  2  15egonwegh  Nijmegen
14"Home of Mono Lake"  5  8mcpangie  Reno