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1"Coronado City, Beach and North Island"  63  155lmkluque   San Diego
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3"The most beautiful area of San Diego County!"  76  119matcrazy1   Tychy
4"Resort town that only gets better"  17  18racheljapi   Rio de Janeiro
5"The Crowned One"  22  103goodfish   Minneapolis
6"A state of mind ... Coronado is ..."  4  21shrimp56  Chicago
7"~CORONADO ISLAND~"  8  5Marie-Lo  New York City
8"Laurie-Jeanne's new Coronado Page"  3  2lauriejeanne  Oceanside
9"[NO TITLE]"  1  2dland007  Indianapolis
10"Coronado Island"  7  8acemj  Philadelphia
11"Coronado, CA"  9  10Agraichen   Chula Vista
12"[NO TITLE]"  1MlhSkg  World
13"Island Off San Diego"  4  22GracesTrips  Los Angeles
14"MY STAY AT THE CORONADO HOTEL"  2  3Frisbeeace  Buenos Aires
15"KristinaLMF's new Coronado page"  8  3KristinaLMF  Tarzana