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1"MY 4th of July"  85  86Pounder73   San Francisco
2"Big Sur: A Rare Gift"  24  38richiecdisc   Munich
3"It's the Journey, Not the Destination"  10  11Callavetta   San Francisco
4"Big Sur, One of My Favorite Places"  12  18KimberlyAnn    Cody
5"Big Sur"  10  19chewy3326   Virginia
6"C'est beau, c'est Sur, c'est le Big Sur"  8  11GUYON  Paris
7"The Big Sur Experience"  5  43sue_stone  Sydney
8"Coastline along beautiful Big Sur"  16  76Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
9"Stop and really REALLY smell the ocean!!"  6  9lucythedog  Skagway
10"Big Sur"  3  6matthieuxjames  Moscow
11"Small Town on the Central Coast"  3  4SteveOSF  California
12"Big Sur"  4  20blueskyjohn  New Jersey
13"Camping in Big Sur"  2  8JulieJueletha  Johnstown
14"The Crashing Waves of BIG SUR!"  21  24Krystynn  Milan
15"Big Sur"  3  10bluebug  Phuket
16"Big Sur and Highway 1"  4  7johngayton  Lundy Island
17"Prepare to be blown away."  7  30tvdandy  Panama City Beach
18"The Place They Call Big Sur"  3  4kidkilowatt  New York City
19"[NO TITLE]"  3  4xmas_dude  California
20"1965-1966"  3  6grandmaR  Leonardtown
21"[NO TITLE]"  1bilbeecorp  World
22"Big Sur and area"  8  10CervantesPete  California
23"[NO TITLE]"  3  9Av8trxx  San Diego
24"Two Awesome Days in Big Sur"  3  13jdh3334  California
25"The Zen Coast"  1gordonye  Berkeley
26"Big Sur"  1  3cnango  San Clemente
27"Big Sur Magic"  5  7druvincent2112  Alaska
28"Big Sur and Hearst Castle"  5  28solopes  Turquel
29"Bregman's Big Sur Page"  6  7Bregman  Tel Aviv-Yafo
30"California Dreamin'"  3  4Chiliweenie  Écaussinnes-Lalaing
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