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1"Beautiful Sedona"  104  253Yaqui   California
2"Sedona, Red Rock Country"  100  265joiwatani   Seattle
3"Sedona: General and Spiritual"  53  60goingsolo   Fort Lauderdale
4"AMONGST THE RED ROCKS"  26  29madamx   Calgary
5"Spiritual Mecca, Artistic Enclave & Outdoor Wonder"  19  20deecat   Chicago
6"Sedona - A Beautiful Place in Arizona"  23  61Basaic  Sierra Vista
7"The Red Rock Beauty of Sedona"  18  44VeronicaG  Texas
8"SEDONA - A WONDERLAND OF RED ROCKS"  11  72LoriPori  Windsor
9"Sedona - 2 1/2 hours from home!"  8  46jumpingnorman  Phoenix
10"Sedona - A Pricey Piece of Paradise"  12  24Karnubawax  San Francisco
11"Town to Shop and be Artsy"  9  32BruceDunning  Huntsville
12"Topographer's Delight"  8  26Jonathan_C  Fremont
13"Sedona"  7  3Sar77  Toronto
14"Voted the Most Beautiful Place in America"  15  15ClariceStarling  Durham
15"Sedona, An Outdoor Paradise"  17  26erotikryter  Sedona
16"Sedona...It has been too long"  6  19keida84  Oxnard
17"Land of Red Rock Enchantment"  18  6SedonaDee  Sedona
18"Sedona/Jerome"  14  23ThisQueenBee  Miami
19""Western style""  10  13Jerelis  Hoogeveen
20"Buttes and Ravines!"  4  5Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
21"Sedona"  4  5JanPeter74  Rotterdam
22"Otherworldy"  10  11zrim  Northfield
23"RED ROCK COUNTRY!!!"  7  10GlobalMatt  Indiana
24"Sedona, Arizona"  3  4AcornMan  Denver
25"Beautiful Sedona, AZ"  3  16setikeyvan  Los Angeles
26"[NO TITLE]"  2  2rsilva  Leiden
27"Sedona"  3  13magdalena2007  New York City
28"Incredible Red Rocks(Under Construction)"  18cjg1  New York City
29"Sedona"  26  109blueskyjohn  New Jersey
30"I've lived in Sedona for 4 years now..."  4  3sscavo44  Sedona
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