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1"LAS ISLAS CANARIAS"  24  26Maria_75   Isla de Gran Canaria
2"Leroy's new Canary Islands Page"  15  17albleroy   Basse Wavre
3"Was there as a child - Am there as an adult!"  17  1stfan   Plymouth
4"Lanzarote"  40  24cheekymarieh   Billingham-on-Tees
5"F.Lade's new Canary Islands Page"  15  16F.Lade   Nøtterøy
6"Canary Islands : TENERIFEVamos a volar a Tenerife"  16  22LysDor  Finland
7"[NO TITLE]"  4  9cleomedes  Kuala Lumpur
8"spetterke's Trip to Canary Islands"  16  85spetterke  Belgium
9"Canary Island: Paradise of Beaches"  6  9Jansa  Gijón
10"Eszter's Canary Islands Page"  8  9Eszter  Hungary
11"La Gomera and La Palma"  16  17AndreasK  Bolzano
12"La Gomera"  9  7Talloch  Netherlands
13"[NO TITLE]"  1tonyscott  United Kingdom
14"La Palma"  9  8Tamani  Arnhem
15"Willy1971's new Canary Islands Page"  5Willy1971  United Kingdom
16"Beach Volley Ball in Los Cristianos"  8  21jarto  Vasa
17"Tenerife and La Gomera"  8  6suzii  Palermo
18"Playa de las Americas/Los Cristianos"  12  19Boka  Finland
19"Motzl's new Gran Canary Page"  10  8Motzl  Vienna
20"Elin's new Tenerife Page"  2  8erovik  Oslo
21"SURF"  8  9blue-viggen  Estonia
22"Tenerife Island"  2  3csal  Braga
23"anna's new Canary Islands Page"  4  5annasi  Kouvola
24"TheBigMan's new Canary Islands Page"  4  1TheBigMan  London
25"Canary islands"  2  3rla  Valencia
26"Rob-Craig Canary Islands holidays"  8  29rob-craig  Sunderland
27"Ian831's Canary Islands Page"  10Ian831  Orpington
28"Pete_Barnett's Gran Canaria Page"  8  4Pete_Barnett  Bilston
29"Globies's Tenerife Page"  5  4Globies  Haarlem
30"Silverflower's new Canary Islands Page"  3  3Silverflower  London
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