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1"Welcome to Dnipropetrovsk"  15  30yumyum   Zürich
2"My Beloved Ukrainian City"  16  17no1pinkpanther   Dnipropetrovsk
3"Cheba's new Dnipropetrovsk page"  27  66Cheba   Dnipropetrovsk
4"Sweet Home"  4  5PikaUA   Sevastopol'
5"Dnepropetrovsk, moy dom rodnoy..."  11  30olgaehr   Newcastle
6"The Industrial Heard of Ukraine"  2  3Guenter66  Bonn
7""Excuse me, are you American?""  5  14lemkouk  New Hamburg
8"[NO TITLE]"  1  1outdigo  World
9"[NO TITLE]"  3betito1664  Almaty
10"[NO TITLE]"  3  3cold_dead_bunny  Kiev
11"Maxovna's By-Gone Visit to Dnipropetrovsk"  3maxovna  Moscow
12"My city -Dnepropetrovsk."  15  101Samarina  Dnipropetrovsk
13"Nuller's new Dnipropetrovsk Page"  5  1Nuller  Dnipropetrovsk
14"The Dnipro City"  8  11hunterV  Syeverodonets'k
15"Dnepropetrovsk"  3  8nhoolb  Delft