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1"The golden friendly city taken hostage"  119  221Bobek   Melsungen
2"The City of Archangel St.Michael"  99  440hunterV   Syeverodonets'k
3"My incredible, mysterious and modern Kyiv"  70  132om_212   Kiev
4"My lovely native city Kyiv"  102  106OlenaKyiv   Denver
5"Grand city for admiration and good time :)"  42  45Dialing   Kiev
6"My lovely city"  55  92caprice_222  Kiev
7"KIEV: Charm on Dnieper river"  48  90hydronetta  Athens
8"Beautiful Kyiv"  42  75Pomocub  Manchester
9"Kiev"  29  86smirnofforiginal  Hertfordshire
10"Kiev - where everything is Complicated"  31  63Roadquill  Calabasas
11"Lovely Country and City"  27  45traveloturc  Istanbul
12"Beautiful Kiev"  26  163socrates_07  Vienna
13"A town garden"  83  117Klod5  Toulouse
14"City where cold_dead_bunny was born"  16  17cold_dead_bunny  Kiev
15"Kiev - the city that I love"  63  68Giulia_ua  Kiev
16"To all Ukrainians"  21  15lasvegasexpat  Las Vegas
17"The city, which is called "Golden domed""  43  26IngaA  Kiev
18"Kiev, Ukraine"  13  14SmileyLeSa  New Jersey
19"Grand Kiev"  16  66iwys  Salalah
20"Kiev, Ukraine"  17  102SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
21"Kiev"  15  26jeoren  Delft
22"Kyiv - Orange 'Revolution' - as in full circle ?"  12  54Paisleypaul  Paisley
23"Kiev - one booming city!"  35  145Ivo_K  Sofia
24"Find me a Chicken called Kiev"  12  7Jasen71  Jersey
25"Modern capital from the days of Kiev State, 9th c."  33  75Askla  Sweden
26"Kiev"  10  27Fen  London
27"Kyiv, Ukraine"  7  14Lensa  Kiev
28"A year in the life of Ukraine"  21  15xxgirasolexx  Florence
29"20 years later..."  7  4Dabs  Chicago
30"Kiev"  23  45olgaehr  Newcastle
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