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1"The golden friendly city"  119  221Bobek   Melsungen
2"The City of Archangel St.Michael"  99  440hunterV   Luhansk
3"My incredible, mysterious and modern Kyiv"  70  132om_212   Kiev
4"My lovely native city Kyiv"  102  106OlenaKyiv   Denver
5"Grand city for admiration and good time :)"  42  45Dialing   Kiev
6"My lovely city"  55  92caprice_222  Kiev
7"KIEV: Charm on Dnieper river"  48  90hydronetta  Athens
8"Beautiful Kyiv"  42  75Pomocub  Manchester
9"Kiev"  29  86smirnofforiginal  Hertfordshire
10"Kiev - where everything is Complicated"  31  63Roadquill  Calabasas
11"Lovely Country and City"  27  45traveloturc  Istanbul
12"Beautiful Kiev"  26  163socrates_07  Vienna
13"A town garden"  83  117Klod5  Toulouse
14"Kiev - the city that I love"  63  68Giulia_ua  Kiev
15"To all Ukrainians"  21  15lasvegasexpat  Las Vegas
16"City where cold_dead_bunny was born"  16  17cold_dead_bunny  Kiev
17"The city, which is called "Golden domed""  43  26IngaA  Kiev
18"Kiev, Ukraine"  13  14SmileyLeSa  New Jersey
19"Grand Kiev"  16  66iwys  Salalah
20"Kiev, Ukraine"  17  102SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
21"Kiev"  15  26jeoren  Delft
22"Kyiv - Orange 'Revolution' - as in full circle ?"  12  54Paisleypaul  Paisley
23"Kiev - one booming city!"  35  145Ivo_K  Sofia
24"Find me a Chicken called Kiev"  12  7Jasen71  Jersey
25"Modern capital from the days of Kiev State, 9th c."  32  75Askla  Sweden
26"Kiev"  10  27Fen  London
27"Kiev"  9  14ValbyDK  Copenhagen
28"Kyiv, Ukraine"  7  14Lensa  Kiev
29"A year in the life of Ukraine"  21  15xxgirasolexx  Florence
30"20 years later..."  7  4Dabs  Chicago
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