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1"The Gateway to the West"  88  544hunterV    Luhansk
2"Lviv - The princely city of Western Ukraine"  59  189HORSCHECK    Germany
3"Lviv - mix of Western look and Eastern behaviour"  52  123Raimix   Vilnius
4"City of Lions and Open Hearts"  44  112om_212   Kiev
5"Lviv - the city of the East and the West"  44  104ZiOOlek   Warsaw
6"Lwow (Lviv) City of Lion and Dreams"  42  47convoyblue  Warsaw
7"“Waiting in the wings”."  29  142toonsarah  Ealing
8"Where Ukraine, Austria, Poland and Soviet U. meet"  43  98Zo72  Ljubljana
9"Lviv"  27  35arantha  Katowice
10"Lviv"  25  89smschley  Hayward
11"Lviv"  23  52Dabs  Chicago
12"Львів"  23  57ainsleigh   Winnipeg
13"Be carefull of loosing your mind there!"  19  58cold_dead_bunny  Kiev
14"Welcome to Lviv!"  18  34yumyum  Zürich
15"LVIV - LVOV - UKRAINE"  16  78LoriPori   Windsor
16"For many the first step into Ukraine"  19  34lotharlerch  Telfs
17"Lviv- my first entry into Ukraine"  19  15lohdennis  New Jersey
18"LVIV UKRAINE."  15  23alectrevor  York
19"The capital of beer, coffee and chocolate"  13  28Pomocub  Manchester
20"One day in the city of the sleeping lions"  14  13Tanechka  Kiev
21"Lviv; the capital city of my home region"  4  8svetlanamer  Council Bluffs
22"[NO TITLE]"  4  4mingul  Bucharest
23"Lviv"  4  1thenugget31  London
24"Lviv"  5  12Enzyme_X  Ljubljana
25"Lviv"  3  50suvanki  Sheffield
26"Lviv"  8  22PeterKnudsen  Kalundborg
27"former capital of galicia"  3  2henri123  Île de Montréal
28"Lviv"  12  13frockland  Sulingen
29"Lviv, city of the Lion"  2  3jonathanbarker  Reading
30"Lviv"  3  4glenn57  Toronto
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