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1"The Capital of Humor"  73  232hunterV    Syeverodonets'k
2"0dessa - a visionary metropolis..."  82  219arturowan   Thetford
3" The Southern Capital of Ukraine"  36  84om_212   Kiev
4"La plus méditerranéenne des villes d'Europe"  74  100Klod5   Toulouse
5"The pearl of the Black Sea"  16  26fipsi   Vienna
6"Odessa on the Black Sea"  18  50bilgeez  Detroit
7"Me & My previous ship in the Background"  12  28mehulraj  Bhuj
8"Odessa / Одеса"  10  34iwys  Salalah
9"The pearl of the black sea"  12  8deeper_blue  London
10"Odessa - The Pearl"  12  9Pupa  Odessa
11"Lubok's new Odesa Page"  19  19Lubok  Odessa
12"Welcome to Odessa!"  9  11yumyum  Zürich
13"Amazing Place, step back 50 years in one day"  7  8ecoquester  Johannesburg
14"Beaches, churches and... gambling."  10  12kolabor  Stalowa Wola
15"Odessa"  11  12Bastardino  Phoenix
16"Charming Odesa"  13  36frockland  Sulingen
17"SEA PEARL"  3  6eugini2001  Willow Grove
18"[NO TITLE]"  2tatyanap  Bainbridge
19"Odessa"  5  7Enzyme_X  Ljubljana
20"Odessa - pearl near the sea...."  9  8Lalique  Moscow
21"ODESSA"  6  9A-Friend-Of-Belarus  Republic of Serbia
22"Odessa, Ukraine"  4  1thenugget31  London
23"[NO TITLE]"  1  1Freaky_Agee  Groningen
24"Odessa is a pearl near Black sea!"  1  8trinidat  Kiev
25"Odesa, Ukraine"  3  4dougw2  Bluesky
26"Pearl of the Black Sea"  1  2lluis3  Nice
27"ODECA- a decadent city still alive..."  7  26Yiannis2000  Europe
28"[NO TITLE]"  1  2stevekunz  New York City
29"[NO TITLE]"  2  1bushdevil  Bergen op Zoom
30"[NO TITLE]"  1randomine  World
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