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1"Walking the Old City..."  17  79Greggor58   Ottawa
2"an interesting town south-west of Bern"  14  69globetrott   Vienna
3"Fribourg - a hidden treasure"  7  10Tolik   Tampa
4"The Studious City"  6  10Tripack   Switzerland
5"Fribourg welcomes you!"  30  37amsterdam_vallon   Lethbridge
6"From Bern to Fribourg"  9  20bianchis  Switzerland
7""Greggi di aquile" nel cielo di Friburgo"  7  6ciaobob  Italy
8"Fribourg"  10  8globetrotter06  Manly
9"Fribourge."  1  6hollyftns  Bangkok
10"Passing by Fribourg, Switzerland..."  2  3bicycle_girl  Port Moody
11"aliante1981's new Fribourg Page"  4  3aliante1981  London
12"silvia-m.b's new Fribourg Page"  1silvia-m.b  Barcelona
13"[NO TITLE]"  2  1vincent123  Fribourg
14"Fribourg"  5  6sandysmith  West Kirby
15"[NO TITLE]"  1  5ikeren  Israel