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1"Interlaken - my home for more than 3 years"  72  306globetrott   Vienna
2"Why to go to Interlaken"  16  20Manara   Parma
3"Interlaken from Ost to West..."  12  42Tripack   Switzerland
4"A great base camp for the Top of Europe"  12  70jorgec25   Alcochete
5"Holiday & Congress Center of the Bernese Oberland"  13  42barbskie   Switzerland
6"Interlaken - Lakes, Rivers, Mountains, Trains."  14  50adventerrtravel22  Jersey City
7"Interlaken and Surrounding Area"  14  21Rhondaj  Pennsville
8"My Adventure Sport Capital!"  11  15Jmill42  Austin
9"Interlaken"  16  23btex  Texas
10"Interlaken but not so Interesting"  9  17Ekaterinburg  Cork
11"Interlaken, Switzerland"  16  17NateWill22  United States of America
12"Interlaken"  13  14littlesam1  Baltimore
13"An afternoon in Interlaken......"  7  30Maryimelda  Brisbane
14"Stunning Beauty All Around"  7  24Donna_in_India  New Jersey
15"An Autumn Day in Interlaken"  9  15riorich55  Naperville
16"WELCOME YOU MY INTERLAKEN PAGE......:"  20  36eden_teuling  Netherlands
17"Sharrie's Interlaken Expedition"  18  16Sharrie  Hong Kong
18"Interlaken - The town between the lakes"  7  8ophiro  Petah Tiqwa
19"Welcome to the Bernese Oberland"  5  25Ann75  Vancouver
20"Beautiful Mountains"  5  8Moustique  Saint Louis
21"Interlaken in Lovely Green Summer"  11  10besbel  Lima
22"FAIRY TALE LAND"  5  13MaheshSamtani  Valencia
23"[NO TITLE]"  4  10leena77  New Delhi
24"Jungfrau!!!! Go on a clear day."  7  23jnyvegas  North America
25"Interlaken - Base Camp"  7  8maverick-mw  Andover
26"Terrific place to spend a few days!"  3  6Brehone  Seattle
27"Nestled between two lakes"  2  3debrannan  Kapaa
28"[NO TITLE]"  2  1KBrynda  Geneva
29"Picture Perfect"  3  7Bhuwan  Vadodara
30"Interlaken and the Bernese Alps"  4  14Paul2001  Toronto
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