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1"Lausanne – the City With Many Faces"  52  132Zvrlj   Kragujevac
2"Lausanne- Medieval Charm"  24  24vanessadb   Miami
3"Lausanne, old streets and lake side charms"  26  10e-katarina   Morges
4"Inferno Festival on a quiet town"  17  65mindcrime   Athens
5"Lausanne on Lake Geneva"  15  81sue_stone   Sydney
6"Lausanne"  13  26anne77  Lausanne
7"Lausanne et moi :)"  10  11besbel  Lima
8"Welcome to Lausanne"  10  15Gosia78  Poland
9"The city I've chosen as my second home"  5id_unknown  Lugano
10"Capital du Pays de Vaud"  5  8Tripack  Switzerland
11"Good Old Days"  12  17traveloturc  Istanbul
12"A picturesque location right on the lakeside"  3  5venteeocho  San Jose
13"LAUSANNE at the EDGE of LAC LEMAN"  18  41meiyergani  Bogor
14"City of Olymics"  7  5iammon  Thun
15"Lausanne"  6  6ptitetoile  Brussels
16"Outdoor living"  3  3sean65  Nice
17"Lausanne"  9  14VDElvis  Cleveland Heights
18"Musée Olympique - Olympic Museum"  2  5wally_m43  Neuchâtel
19"Lausanne -cosmopolitan city with a view"  3  3Saagar  Norway
20"Lausanne--the Olympic Town"  3  16Applelyn  Singapore
21"Lausanne - My birthplace"  6  10Redlats  Winnipeg
22"Lausanne Switzerland"  3  13geekgrrl  Honolulu
23"Lac de Geneve!"  2  9bakerbaker999  Clearwater
24"Lausanne, the capital of Canton de Vaud"  2  25nyperose  Lausanne
25"[NO TITLE]"  6ghettosteph  Bellegarde-sur-Valserine
26"Lausanne is fun :-)"  1  1tauroctonia  Berlin
27"Lausanne, Lausanne!"  1  6Toshioohsako  Klaipeda
28"Lausanne - The Olympic Committee City"  1  3Polly74  Pinerolo
29"Lausanne et Montreux experience[Zermatt experience"  5  6Pegasus74  Rochester
30"Summer on Lake Geneva"  1  6vershine  Altea
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