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1"Lauterbrunnen - Switzerland"  59  103MrBill   Cyprus
2"a great base to explore the Jungfrau-region"  18  63globetrott   Vienna
3"Exciting Time in Lauterbrunnen & Jungfrau"  18  58Mikebb   Perth
4"HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE LAUTERBRUNNEN!"  20  66balhannah   Brisbane
5"Can I Retire Here?"  14  47riorich55   Naperville
6"Magnificent Lauterbrunnen"  8  13lamentforicarus  Tucson
7"Lovely Little Lauterbrunnen....."  9  29Maryimelda  Brisbane
8"Switzerland's Answer to Yosemite Valley"  7  25kathymof  Fresno
9"Lauterbrunnen - Valley of Waterfalls"  12  15sandysmith  West Kirby
10"The most beautiful mountain valley in Europe"  7  8Tolik  Tampa
11"The Land of 1000 Waterfalls"  6  15Jmill42  Austin
12"Lauterbrunnen"  6  25barbskie  Switzerland
13"LAUTERBRUNNEN"  9  12JudyinPA  Pennsylvania
14"A place I must see in the summer time, too"  5  13ciuchi  San Antonio
15"There aren't really words that do it justice"  13  26lazyman_1  Toronto
16"Lauterbrunnen"  4  14travelfrosch   Boston
17"Lauterbrunnen-A little paradise in the Swiss Alps"  9  5Nelson1979  Amsterdam
18"Lovely lovely Lauterbrunnen"  2  5cjohnson99  Solothurn
19"Lauterbrunnen"  3  2iammon  Thun
20"Trummelbach Falls"  2  8Dabs   Chicago
21"[NO TITLE]"  2angiebabe  Xi'an
22"[NO TITLE]"  1  5elise_crash  Dallas
23"LAUTERBRUNNEN"  1  7Maramato  Tadworth
24"Chocolate Box Switzerland at it's best"  2  15joanj  Ipswich
25"Picture postcard scenery..."  1  8Myfanwe  Cardiff
26"[NO TITLE]"  1fastigiata  World
27"The Qualities of Nature"  1  4Scarlie  Sofia
28"Lauterbrunnen-Valley of Waterfalls"  1  7slothtraveller  Tamworth
29"[NO TITLE]"  1Roxxi  Arizona
30"Lauterbrunnen - Give Interlaken A Miss!"  3  5huwhit  Bingara
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