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1"one of the most scenic cities in Switzerland"  39  184globetrott   Vienna
2"Lucerne and surroundings"  33  128barbskie   Switzerland
3"Lucerne - my favourite city of Switzerland"  37  39codrutz   Bucharest
4"Looking Lovely Lucerne"  29  91Maryimelda   Brisbane
5"Lucerne - Luzern"  33  127pure1942   Dungarvan
6"LUCERNE. A Beautiful Medieval Town!"  22  40Hosell  Benidorm
7"EVERYBODY GOES TO LUCERNE!"  23  85balhannah  Brisbane
8"Lake Lucerne"  32  61sandysmith  West Kirby
9"Lucerne"  14  14MATIM  Gilze
10"the world is your oyster"  16  17call_me_rhia  Europe
11"Our Last Stop on our First European Holiday"  11  28riorich55  Naperville
12"The Charming City of Lucerne"  14  70Dyesebel  World
13"Lovely town for a wander......"  11  53leics  Leicester
14"My Lucerne Page"  11  22musti72  Lenzburg
15"Lakeside Retreat"  8  6fishandchips  Christchurch
16"The Main Feature"  9  17BruceDunning  Huntsville
17"THE ESSCENSE OF SWITZERLAND - LUCERNE"  9  23MaheshSamtani  Valencia
18"a toy city in the middle of mountain heights"  9  6Oris  Ukraine
19"Beautiful, sophisticated, elegant Lucerne"  7  44colin_bramso  Terrigal
20"Luzern"  11  10rcsparty  Detroit
21"Swans Love Lucerne and You Will Too!"  14  36dlytle  Atlanta
22"Lucern, A beautiful town"  6  38Applelyn  Singapore
23"Lucerne"  17  21Gili_S  Europe
24"The City of Lucerne!"  12  20NateWill22  United States of America
25"Lucerne in Central Switzerland"  6  13yumyum  Zürich
26"b1bob goes to Lucerne (twice)"  14  17b1bob  Mechanicsville
27"Lucerne : Swiss Made..."  28  67amsterdam_vallon  Lethbridge
28"Strolling Thru' LUCERNE In Springtime"  39  51Krystynn  Milan
29"LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND"  6  31Phalaenopsis03  Los Angeles
30"[NO TITLE]"  5  15kathymof  Fresno
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