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1"Welcome to Zürich - my hometown"  121  355yumyum   Zürich
2"My Züri Page"  117  467barbskie   Switzerland
3"Zurich - Metropolis between lakes and mountains"  57  190HORSCHECK   Germany
4"The world's capital of understatement"  60  243german_eagle   Germany
5"ZURICH OR DAVOS?"  55  74Toyin   Abuja
6"Opera and cycling in Zürich"  43  126Nemorino  Frankfurt am Main
7"Miär liäbed Züri... - We love Zurich"  69  53Carino  Sydney
8"Zürich,the "SECRET" Capital of Switzerland"  52  174Dyesebel  World
9"Zürich"  34  146Kathrin_E  Karlsruhe
10"Zurich"  37  39bugalugs  United Kingdom
11"A Very Photogenic City!"  29  32Rhondaj  Pennsville
12"Zürich"  29  39Gili_S  Europe
13"Water in all its forms.....but no gnomes."  27  119leics  Leicester
14"winter in Zurich"  20  48picek  Slovenia
15"Zurich"  19  22Subria  Zürich
16"I suspect it's not always this crazy..."  20  50Dabs  Chicago
17"Zürich, the biggest city of Swiss"  117  427Fam.Rauca  Vienna
18"Brrrrrrrrr - plenty of snow"  18  27jo104  Sri Lanka
19"Gnomes and Domes"  18  53MrBill  Cyprus
20"Zurich"  16  17littlesam1  Baltimore
21"Zurich"  22  23picknick  Singapore
22"One of the wealthiest cities on Earth"  25  33el_ruso  Coral Gables
23"Beautiful city and even better people"  14  74jorgec25  Alcochete
24"Zurich"  13  69sue_stone  Sydney
25"Zürich"  30  99MM212  London
26"Zurich...A nice city to live in"  13  54Applelyn  Singapore
27"Two fleeting visits to Zuerich"  9  19Maryimelda  Brisbane
28"Zurich one of the most beautiful city in the World"  10  11DJ-HEHE  Zürich
29"Zürich - the quite nice Old Town"  36  39matcrazy1  Tychy
30"Zurich in 3 days"  9  24davesut  Manchester
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