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1"The Place That I Want to Live In..."  48  53coceng   Kampong Masjid Tanah
2"BLED"  39  94croisbeauty   Zagreb
3"Scenic and picturesque"  30  40MEdelmann   Göttlesbrunn
4"The place with the only Slovene island"  29  26novsco61   Ljubljana
5"BLED"  21  47olja1234   Ljubljana
6"What a place"  28  40vesna04  Kotor
7""You had me at hello.............""  15  16maple_air  Manchester
8"A town plucked from a storybook"  14  17GillianMcLaughlin  Brussels
9"Bled - Slovenia's top picture-postcard destination"  24  108Willettsworld  United Kingdom
10"As pretty as a postcard"  12  24Dabs  Chicago
11"Bled"  28  30easterntrekker  Halifax
12"Lake Bled and Surroundings"  12  52travelfrosch  Boston
13"Lake Bled"  10  11barryg23  Ealing
14"Most beautiful little town in the Julian Alps"  11  23OH_DK  Denmark
15"Bled, my first Slovenian town"  11  10Marie-France  Toronto
16"Lake Bled"  15  9silver_puma  Leicestershire
17"Lake Bled"  10  17SueWarwick  Birkenhead
18"A Bejewelled Lake"  12  16antistar  Frankfurt am Main
19"At the Break of Day"  12  9blaird  Naperville
20"Beautiful Town on The Lake"  9  39Mikebb  Perth
21"I Bled All Over the Place"  8  8sieffron  Somerville
22"A day trip to Bled"  7  10Azhut  Livorno
23"Lake Bled, delightful"  8  12davesut  Manchester
24"A storming swirling November's afternoon"  9  10zrim  Northfield
25"Bled the Beautiful"  6  16rexvaughan  Decatur
26"Bled"  10  27Redang  Madrid
27"BLED"  7  23balhannah   Brisbane
28"Bled"  8  15ursa9  Brussels
29"A Jewel Among The Alpine Resorts"  15  34viddra  Kikinda
30"Bled Castle"  8  23Martin_S.  Arad
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