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1"Nicaragua, a new promise land"  63  68Christian.Lafont   Trip
2"Nicaragua - a top country to visit"  41  25hanula   Helsinki
3"Nicaragua, Nicaragüita"  53  144MalenaN   Europe
4"Nicaragua! An undiscovered paradise!"  32  32JenniferG   Shefford
5"Nicaragua"  21  88worldtraveler55   Haarlem
6"el pais de lagos y volcanes"  22  39Malecka  Skopje
7"14,400 Minutes in Nicaragua"  18  20epicult  Toronto
8"Nicaragua: Family Adventure August 2005"  27  61BorderHopper  Los Angeles
9"the heat is on"  19  19quime  Panamá City
10"Nicaragua -2000"  15  51Hermanater  Calgary
11"Nicaragua: Rising"  16  18Varinia  California
12"New to VT: Sur de Lago Nicaragua"  17  54atufft  Stockton
13"Nicaragua-Land of Lakes & Volcanoes"  24  156maryellen50  United States of America
14"Nicaragua"  16  10CulturalCompetence  Orlando
15"A Fascinating Country"  9  17ianerin  Indianapolis
16"¿Que Piña?"  5  8leigh767  Hong Kong
17"Beautiful colonial buildings"  16  78shavy  Ieper
18"The Land of Lakes and Volcanos"  25  120isolanthui  Taiwan
19"A new Adventure in Nicaragua"  5  7Suzie3  San Isidro
20"Nicaragua: Safe and Incredibly Beautiful"  14  42Beast  Oregon
21"4 weeks in Nicaragua"  8  11trek06  Canada
22"I was there!"  3  6zweiblumen  Newport
23"Nicaragua Nicaragüita"  3  1tabla  Madrid
24"Nicaragua – Central America’s Oft-Ignored Jewel"  26  44thelukey  Geneseo
25"Nicaragua"  7  17jglsongs  New York City
26"Nicaragua"  4  23Jim_Eliason  Arlington
27"Friendly people Nicaragua it is."  2  3losangeles169  Los Angeles
28"Nicaragua"  6  7darthmilmo  San Antonio
29"Jardin d'Orion: relax and enjoy!"  1  3PeterSusanne  Washington
30"[NO TITLE]"  1richardll  New Jersey
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