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1"The Dominican Republic"  15  21amsterdam_vallon   Lethbridge
2"**Umfufu's Puerto Plata Page**"  28  27Umfufu   Bleiswijk
3"Christmas Vacation 2006"  10  34Hermanater   Calgary
4"Puerto Plata"  7  5AlexH2004   Caracas
5"School's out, welcome Puerto Plata !!!"  10  5lewistfo   Jonquière
6"Caribbean break"  11  11Grootpiet  London
7"Patricialuv's new Puerto Plata Page"  17  18Patricialuv  East New York
8"marylou11's new Puerto Plata Page"  5marylou11  London
9"Puerto Plata"  8  8toontown  Vancouver
10"monica78's new Puerto Plata Page"  19  20monica78  Norway
11"The province of Puerto Plata in North"  8  9Franberu  Montreal
12"Republica Dominicana"  7  1kid-keith  Suffolk
13"La Playa, La Gente y La Cerveza Presidente!!!"  2  3traveler326157  London
14"Puerto Plata"  6  7myriam_c  Kalmthout
15"wonderfull"  10  11serge_fortin2001  Quebec
16"Dream's place!!! for a real hollidays..."  5  6Ann26  Quebec
17"So-So"  6  2jennijeans  Montreal
18"Puerta Plata"  5  15skatzcatz  Darwin
19"[NO TITLE]"  3  3Miguel_Marques  Madrid
20"Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic"  1  12soundsgoodtome  Chattanooga
21"[NO TITLE]"  1  5jpleskot  Kamloops
22"Old_Soul's new Puerto Plata Page"  3  1Old_Soul  Canada
23"nancyleigh's new Puerto Plata Page"  2  3nancyleigh  North America
24"Rik Vankeirsbilck's new Puerto Plata Page"  8  8r_vank  Kortrijk
25"[NO TITLE]"  1  5BradMiller  Hoboken
26"CABARETE !!!!!"  1  2erick20  Dominican Republic
27"Living In The Dominican Republic"  1  4cheyenneasanti  Orlando
28"[NO TITLE]"  2  1Monoii  Brussels
29"Dominican people most passionate, warmest I've met"  4  11cherylll  Vancouver Island
30"[NO TITLE]"  1allenk_007  Springfield
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