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1"Dominican Republic"  42  85micas_pt   Lisbon
2"Dominicana de pura cepa"  38  37marielexoteria   Copenhagen
3"THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC"  55  56REYNALDOPICHARDO   Santiago de los Caballeros
4"Dominican Republic"  28  19Spinka   Sydney
5"Republica Dominicana"  23  68ChristinaNest   Sofia
6"Not your typical vacation"  30  32fairy_dust  Montreal
7"Dominican Republic, where everything started"  22  27Adidi  Dominican Republic
8"dominican republic"  17  40quartinb  Portugal
9"Beautiful island"  22  39chicabonita  Frankfurt am Main
10"~ The Dominican Republic ~"  12  13starship  United States of America
11"Merenge, Motos, Mamacitas, and More"  19  58melosh  Palatka
12"Dominican Republic-Puerto Plata"  12  13jodssmile  Iowa City
13"Dominican Republic - An Island of Versitality"  12  40ScubaCat  Kansas
14"Dominican Republic"  12  9Calor  Toronto
15"Dominican Republic..."  7  34Arial_27  Thunder Bay
16"Dominican Republic"  9  25grovier  Marseille
17"DOMINICAN REPUBLIC"  7  12Travelchili  Europe
18"DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - My Paradise..."  7  9ValbyDK  Copenhagen
19"Rachel_Suns Dominican Republic Page"  45  46rachel_sun  England
20"The Dominican Republic"  8  14Firestar24  Barrow in Furness
21"The Dominican Republic"  8  25Samscalling  Cheshire
22"Dominican Republic-The Bargain Of The Caribbean"  5  1oldhippy  Hell
23"Dominican Republic, the real Caribbean"  5  27Jim_Eliason  Arlington
24"Puerto Plata"  7  8416Guy  Ibiza
25"Welcome to my " office "!!! :-)"  13  14ScubaVirgilio  Sicilia
26"Dominican Republic @ 8am"  5  18JennysTravels  Sardegna
27"The Dominican Republic...the next Hawaii?"  4  19TheTravelSlut  South Tampa
28"Dominican=Happiness"  6  5cybercutie  Calgary
29"[NO TITLE]"  5  2MrKarl  London
30"A quick warm up for the winter"  5  15donpaul77  Boston
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