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1"BARBADOS"  124  195joanj   Ipswich
2"Thanksgiving 1996 - The First Visit"  35  192grandmaR   Leonardtown
3"s3's Barbados"  31  45stiab3   Bath
4"PARADISE ISLAND"  28  19luke850   London
5"Island of Five Contrasts"  16  47Gillybob   Manchester
6"Barbados - Starting Point For A Fantastic Cruise!"  9  10mazzap  England
7"Barbados"  18  53Fen  London
8"I can't wait to go back..."  15  15mwenn2100  Milwaukee
9"Barbados"  13  18Rachael71  United Kingdom
10"A Bajan Experiance"  13  13bluewilldo  New Orleans
11"Barbados a comfortable island w/ a lot to do"  19  17MaineIslandgal  Bar Harbor
12"Barbados!"  17  8scbelle  Columbia
13"A fortune cookie and what came of it..."  15  14dracko  Boston
14"Barbados-Easy on the Eye"  7  8bacarra  Cumbria
15"Aphro's Barbados Page"  12  11Aphro  Kuala Lumpur
16"Caribbean Island With British Roots"  15  23TexasDave  Atlanta
17"In the sun...I will see Barbados"  22  32Hewer  Osaka
18"Barbados:Eastern-Most Island of the West Indies"  5  22fitbod  North Carolina
19"Beautiful Barbados"  14  15Richard_Townend  Keighley
20"The "Real" Barbados"  15  51briantravelman  Oroville
21"once in a lifetime"  9  5claire1011  Harlech
22"[NO TITLE]"  8MTLbroker  Île de Montréal
23"Barbados Hurricane"  10  56jpud99930  Winnipeg
24"tropical paradise"  13  10pmarshuk  Yiewsley
25"Barbados"  4  18bsfreeloader  Sofia
26"[NO TITLE]"  6  2barbados-paradise  Barbados
27"RACHEL SUNS BARBADOS PAGE"  59  60rachel_sun  England
28"Barbados"  10  10AcornMan  Denver
29"My tour of Barbados"  7  1Sunniebgi  Barbados
30"Barbados"  9  9steph4867  Atlanta
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