Top Pages for Puerto Rico
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1"Puerto Rico--The Island of Enchantment!"  22  32pabertra   Lima
2"Perfect Island Vacation"  21  54kazander   New Jersey
3"Que Rico, Puerto Rico"  31  50staindesign   Indianapolis
4"The Main Island"  14  22PA2AKgirl   Bellevue
5"Hexe Goes to Puerto Rico"  14  14Hexepatty   Hickory
6"Puerto Rican "Shorty-moon""  15  12CulturalCompetence  Orlando
7"Vounteering in Puerto Rico with my daughter!"  82  354joiwatani  Seattle
8"Puerto Rico: Isla Encantada"  14  4risse73  United States of America
9"Puerto Rico"  14  54Natalllya  Oakville
10"Puerto Rico....que rico"  24  15BergsFinest  Wernersville
11"Puerto Rico, A Beautiful Land"  33  32no1birdlady  Augusta
12"LA ISLA DE BORINQUEN"  23  14Gypsystravels  United States of America
13"Reggaeton Everywhere"  15  18chodearm  Brooklyn
14"Puerto Rico"  26  84bsfreeloader  Sofia
15"Asturnut's Puerto Rico Page"  9  7asturnut  Anchorage
16"Puerto Rico"  15  15CLillard  Houston
17"[NO TITLE]"  9Kaleisu  Minneapolis
18"Puerto Rico"  9  11Allikatac  Pennsylvania
19"WILL BE VISITING IN SEPTEMBER!!!"  5  14jgemini65  McCall
20"[NO TITLE]"  6  13dlandt  Chicago
21"PUERTO RICO"  10  42pecaspeca  Puerto Rico
22"Viejo San Juan"  22  69lonestar_philomath  Alexandria
23"Welcome to Puerto Rico"  18  9PrincessK  New York City
24"Puerto Rico- San Juan and the Main Island"  5  9liqdstar  New York City
25"Puerto Rico"  4  3magdalena2007  New York City
26"Puerto Rico"  4  14Rickman77  Atlanta
27"Wish You Were Here- Travels in Puerto Rico"  9  11lil_wings  Clarksville
28"Puerto Rico"  16  17ceswho  New York City
29"Living in Vieques, Puerto Rico"  3  3rkearns  Vieques
30"Puerto Rico"  3  23Jim_Eliason   Grand Prairie
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