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1"Galapagos Islands"  89  372MalenaN   Europe
2"Places and faces of the Galapagos"  59  61Quero   Phuket
3"Independently Galapagos"  54  125richiecdisc   Munich
4"A world apart"  49  197toonsarah   Ealing
5"The Enchanted Islands"  36  83SanguiniA   Helsinki
6"Galapagos"  30  82easterntrekker  Halifax
7"Galapagos"  26  39kenmerk  Taiwan
8"Galapagos"  24  136elsadran  Greece
9"Galapagos - Sea Lions, Iguanas and Tortoises oh my"  25  48Roadquill  Calabasas
10"12 Days in the Galapagos Islands"  15  18windsorgirl  Windsor
11"Cruising the Galapagos"  13  30nattybabe  Dubai
12"The Galapagos Islands - Getting Down With Darwin"  11  36catalysta  Bellingham
13"The Galapagos Islands"  30  102bsfreeloader  Sofia
14"The Cult of the Galapagos"  10  15zrim  Northfield
15"The curse of the Tortoise"  11  14DanielF  Europe
16"Four Days on The Galapagos Islands"  14  15RACCOON1  Toronto
17"Galapagos Islands - a nature lovers paradise"  15  15K1W1  London
18"Galapagos - pure nature"  9  31Luchonda  Gent
19"The Galapagos Islands"  12  12roamer61  Long Island
20"Sailing through Galapagos"  6  33travelmad478  Delaware
21"evolution"  6  7cybergenic  Sydney
22"June 2007: Galapagos by Yacht Isabela II"  4  23TheTravelSlut  South Tampa
23"Dive the Galapagos!!! Can't get any better!!!"  11  21R.Dettmann  Berlin
24"Magical!"  4  8kathymof  Fresno
25"lenoreva's new Galapagos Islands Page"  11  15lenoreva  Frankfurt am Main
26"Darwin got it all wrong....."  6  5lloymi  Loma Linda
27"GALAPAGOS ISLANDS"  11  12viajeromaga  Colombia
28"Sea lions, iguanas and tortoises, oh my!"  27  29Dabs   Chicago
29"Galapagos...the world untouched"  12  73CrazyShoes  Vancouver
30"Galapagos - Trip of a Lifetime"  7  4martij2  Chicago
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