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1"St. Petersburg: a City for all Seasons"  344  636sennaya   Saint Petersburg
2"St Petersburg : City of Peter the Great"  106  125filipdebont   Roeselare
3"St. Petersburg in Spring"  126  129Canadienne   Toronto
4"STUNNING ST. PETERSBURG!"  76  206balhannah   Brisbane
5"St. Petersburg - City of cathedrals and bridges"  46  98HORSCHECK   Germany
6"St Petersburg in Summer"  40  121sue_stone  Sydney
7"Saint Petersburg~ Russia at its best!"  53  51Michael_D  Daytona Beach
8"Russian for beginers"  44  54Odiseya  Doboj
9"Saint Petersburg - more canals than Venice"  103  331Skillsbus  Sheffield
10"Three Days In St Petersburg - Just a Taste"  34  104Mikebb  Perth
11"Saint-Petersburg"  38  43multi  Saint Petersburg
12"Imperial St. Petersburg"  24  28starship  United States of America
13"What a beautiful city!"  34  66Dabs  Chicago
14"Splendid St.Petersburg"  26  40Natalya2006  Saint Petersburg
15"Russias Northern Capital"  22  97mallyak  Sydney
16"La herencia de los - Romanov - Heritage"  36  139elpariente  Santander
17"Saint Petersburg"  32  69Gili_S  Brighton
18"Saint Petersburg"  35  12mumymama  Saint Petersburg
19"Summer in Piter, 2004"  26  25travelingdanna  Rockville
20"City of Revolution"  19  39peach93  Massachusetts
21"City of the Saint Peter"  25  136Oleg_D.  Saint Petersburg
22"French Saint Petersburg"  69  76Klod5  Toulouse
23"St.Petersburg- you have to visit this city"  21  21ania70pl  Warsaw
24"St. Petersburg"  21  17MichaelFalk1969  Frankfurt am Main
25"Venice of the North"  21  112hunterV  Luhansk
26"Northern Capital of Russia"  31  84el_ruso  Coral Gables
27"St. Petersburg Magnificent city on the Neva"  24  35MikeAtSea  Durban
28"Great place"  23  48alectrevor  York
29"Golden Spires and Domes or Slums?"  23  137grandmaR  Leonardtown
30"St Petersburg - the window to the west"  25  23filip007  Moscow
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