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1"Finland - about stereotypes and uniqueness"  51  87sinoda   Helsinki
2"Tales from the Thousand Lakes"  31  68SanguiniA   Helsinki
3"It is never too hot in Finland"  59  108Gili_S   Europe
4"Fin de Lande"  22  22magor65   Wroclaw
5"FINLAND"  18  63hopang   Sweden
6"IMPORTANT FINLAND FACTS"  38  43finlandia  Finland
7"Welcome to Helsinki!"  12  45mallyak  Sydney
8"Finland, it is quite fine land, may I say"  23  26Scandic  Helsinki
9"Suomi"  11  2ginte  London
10"Finland, Finland, Finland .... New Version :)"  43  67sabsi  Düsseldorf
11"Finland - Nature at its best!"  22  23musti72  Lenzburg
12"Suomi"  9  34Stellla  Grenoble
13"A year in SUOMI"  22  18gubbi1  Aschaffenburg
14"Suomi Finland --home sweet home"  7  18Janni67  Tampere
15"LANDSCAPES LAND"  13  18tales  Italy
16"My finnish experience"  6  25Anjutka  Petrozavodsk
17"Finland means 1.000 Lakes"  6  16Elena_blue  Athens
18"olja1234's new Finland Page"  5  11olja1234  Ljubljana
19"I tell you: Santa Claus really exists!"  22  13ATLC  Hellevoetsluis
20"SUOMI / FINLAND"  7  14s_odyssey  Montreal
21"Gorgeous Finland"  18  10ellierae  Sheffield
22"Homecountry"  9  16Turska  Ylöjärvi
23"Finland"  7  16Hockeylady  Tampere
24"Welcome to FINLAND"  28  28Leipzig  Dessau
25"The land of saunas."  4  4cachaseiro  Denmark
26"F I N L A N D"  6  7ZenLady34  Porvoo
27"Suomi"  12  9Heinisuo  Kangasala
28"kimmo_v's new Finland Page"  16  38kimmo_v  Helsinki
29"Finland - my country."  4  2Maralaat  Oulu
30"Finland"  10  27may1273  Central & Eastern Thailand
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