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1"Finland - about stereotypes and uniqueness"  51  87sinoda   Helsinki
2"Tales from the Thousand Lakes"  31  68SanguiniA   Helsinki
3"It is never too hot in Finland"  58  107Gili_S   Europe
4"Fin de Lande"  22  22magor65   Wroclaw
5"FINLAND"  18  79hopang   Sweden
6"IMPORTANT FINLAND FACTS"  38  43finlandia  Finland
7"Finland, it is quite fine land, may I say"  23  26Scandic  Helsinki
8"Welcome to Helsinki!"  12  45mallyak  Sydney
9"Suomi"  11  2ginte  London
10"Finland, Finland, Finland .... New Version :)"  43  67sabsi  Düsseldorf
11"Finland - Nature at its best!"  22  23musti72  Lenzburg
12"Suomi"  9  34Stellla  Grenoble
13"A year in SUOMI"  22  18gubbi1  Aschaffenburg
14"LANDSCAPES LAND"  13  18tales  Italy
15"Suomi Finland --home sweet home"  7  18Janni67  Tampere
16"My finnish experience"  6  25Anjutka  Petrozavodsk
17"Finland means 1.000 Lakes"  6  16Elena_blue  Athens
18"I tell you: Santa Claus really exists!"  22  13ATLC  Hellevoetsluis
19"olja1234's new Finland Page"  5  11olja1234  Ljubljana
20"Gorgeous Finland"  18  10ellierae  Sheffield
21"SUOMI / FINLAND"  7  14s_odyssey  Montreal
22"Homecountry"  9  16Turska  Ylöjärvi
23"Welcome to FINLAND"  28  28Leipzig  Dessau
24"Finland"  7  16Hockeylady  Tampere
25"Finland on the way to Germany"  2  5Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
26"The land of saunas."  4  4cachaseiro  Denmark
27"kimmo_v's new Finland Page"  16  38kimmo_v  Helsinki
28"Suomi"  12  9Heinisuo  Kangasala
29"F I N L A N D"  6  7ZenLady34  Porvoo
30"Finland - my country."  4  2Maralaat  Oulu
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