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1"A narrow land with a bit of everything"  51  54SirRichard   Madrid
2"Vietnam"  50  90iwys   Salalah
3"Vietnam"  54  61muddybok   Malaysia
4"Tampa_Shawn Visits Vietnam"  49  97tampa_shawn   San Diego
5"Count your Dong in Vietnam"  32  35richiecdisc   Munich
6"Vietnam"  45  60Maximilian21  Cox's Bazar
7"Vietnam."  43  92cachaseiro  Denmark
8"4 Weeks in Vietnam"  33  43windsorgirl  Windsor
9"Overwhelming Vietnam"  35  53MickeH  Göteborg
10"A Mc Donalds and tampoons free country"  31  32xaver  Porto Recanati
11"Vietnam"  32  28AndreSTGT  Stuttgart
12"New places in Vietnam, 1995"  23  42Nemorino   Frankfurt am Main
13"BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE"  30  46galy  Haifa District
14"SOUTHERN AND CENTRAL VIETNAM"  28  61call_me_rhia  Europe
15"Cong Hoa Xa Hoi Chu Nghia Viet Nam"  21  24TomorrowsAngel  Riyadh
16"Fighting the hardest, obsorbing the best"  19  37we2364  New York City
17"VIETNAM - NORTH TO SOUTH IN TWO WEEKS"  30  31mypriority  Bangkok
18"Why Vietnam?"  26  21ExoticGal  London
19"2.5 months (2002) - 1 more year! (2004-2005)"  30  31chefgrad  Toronto
20"Our adventures in Vietnam"  17  65lindyz  Wollongong
21"Land of Smiles"  17  24mad4travel  London
22"Cycling NORTHERN Vietnam"  14  53skydivefred  France
23"VIETNAM--RETURNING AFTER 35 YEARS"  21  40Firefighter1  New Jersey
24"VIETNAM"  15  137hopang  Sweden
25"Two weeks in Vietnam"  22  16jmmorgan  Kinver
26"Vietnam"  21  23elbe  Germany
27"The next stop is....Vietnam!"  14  50StephanB  Ubud
28"Vietnamese Voyages"  17  17steevie_wanders  Valley
29"Not Just Rice Paddies and Conical Hats-"  13  31piglet44  Israel
30"Vietnam - a little bit of Paradise"  24  16cafank  Tweed Heads
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