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1"A Thrill, a Challenge, a Laughter"  194  659Romanian_Bat   Bucharest
2"About my homecity - Bucharest"  83  158codrutz   Bucharest
3"Bucharest, Romania"  66  151Andraf   Bucharest
4"I learned to love it"  72  123josephescu   Bucharest
5"Bucharest / Bucureşti"  95  387iwys   Salalah
6"Bucharest - Trapped Between Past And Future"  87  127edvin_br  Israel
7"Bucharest-1st stop on a Romania tour"  31  43Dabs  Chicago
8"Bucharest ~ Two Mornings' Tour"  33  68gosiaPL  Warsaw
9" My Home City "  31  77Delia_Madalina  Abu Dhabi
10" life starts here in 1996..."  22  23alirom  Romania
11"Many memories from my childhood.."  59  82draguza  Milan
12"Bucharest, Romania"  19  78SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
13"BUCHAREST-My Home Sweet Home"  15  14violeta13  Bucharest
14"Bucharest"  39  44mvtouring  South Africa
15"The place where I was born...."  25  64monica71  Saint Charles
16"Welcome to Bucharest"  16  44yumyum  Zürich
17"A week in Bucharest"  18  24ATLC  Hellevoetsluis
18"Bucuresti, Micul Paris"  10  16Manara  Parma
19"Bucharest yesterday and now"  10  16RoBeauty  Bucharest
20"Nu e vina mea - It's not my fault"  19  11ardelean  Bucharest
21"Capital of Romania"  10  8deeper_blue   London
22"Bucharest"  8  74liliana91  Bucharest
23"Bucharest"  12  57Fen  London
24"Our Entry Point to Romania"  10  40TravellerMel  Franklin
25"Bucharest"  9  10Nobbe  Sweden
26"Bucharest"  10  2roomania  Targu-Mures
27"Bucharest nostalgies..."  20  25Oana_bic  London
28"Bucuresti"  13  27Aurorae  Belgrade
29"Bucharest"  8  10PierreZA  Pretoria
30"A city of the future with aroma of ancient times"  60  221Fam.Rauca  Vienna
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