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1"Turkmenistan"  19  88sachara    Emmen
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3"Turkmenistan a Magic Carpet ride"  11  34Ekahau   New York State
4"I Like This 'Stan'"  2  7mizzzthanggg   Ashgabat
5"Turkmenistan one of the few tolitary states!"  2  3Tobias_Plieninger   Schorndorf
6"Turkmenistan - Strange Country...great people!"  1  3Roby_bobbie  Torino
7"Peace Corps 2002-2004"  1  3vt2krazystan  Dallas
8"Turkmenistan - the unexpected country"  1  3SallyM  Great Missenden
9"Turkmenistan First page"  1  1texas1947  Milan
10"Turkmenistan"  1  2titti  Bergamo
11"Turkmenistan: When Worlds Collide!"  9  7catdockev  New York City
12"Beefy's Turkmenistan Page"  3  1Beefy_SAFC  England