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1"Piatra Neamt is one of the oldest sites of Romania"  65  308Fam.Rauca   Vienna
2"Piatra Neamt, heart of the mountains"  8  9migal   Piatra Neamt
3"Piatra Neamt, a hidden pearl between the mountains"  5  6ialm   Piatra Neamt
4"Piatra Neamt - a great place to discover history"  13  25codrutz   Bucharest
5"Piatra Neamt, the pearl of the mountain"  2  3grau   Kleinzell
6"PIATRA NEAMT - FULL OF HISTORY"  7  8Elweb  Castalla
7"Piatra Neamt City at a glance"  6  26Agatho  Bonn
8"MY HOME TOWN"  4  7adiactiv  Piatra Neamt
9"Piatra Neamt"  1Poppso  Foley
10"[NO TITLE]"  5  2MPW_UK  Bristol