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1"SIBIU, ROMANIA"  45  252LoriPori   Windsor
2"A small gem in Romania"  34  196toonsarah   Ealing
3"Sibiu - European Capital of Culture"  27  97iwys   Salalah
4"Why don't I have time enough to know Sibiu better?"  19  65adema29   Brasov
5"Place to dream and place to live in"  19  100Petruta   Sibiu
6"SIBIU"  20  65alyf1961  Leeds
7"culture...."  10  13alirom  Romania
8"I'm sure it will be lovely in 2007...."  9  12Dabs  Chicago
9"I'm thinking about her"  7  16Delia_Madalina  Abu Dhabi
10"Sibiu,a place to dream"  10  12Dariana  Paris
11"A lot of history....and not many visitors."  29  134leics  Leicester
12"Sibiu"  15  34MiguelPS2112  Sibiu
13"Sibiu even called Hermannstadt."  24  25Dizzyhead  Eskilstuna
14"Sibiu, enchanting medieval and cultural city"  15  87sachara   Emmen
15"Wonderful town that deserves more tourists."  4  22cachaseiro  Denmark
16"Medieval cities and the quiet breath of nature..."  7  8violeta13  Bucharest
17"Sibiu - location for the official 9th VT Euromeet"  39  57codrutz  Bucharest
18"ROMANIA AT ITS BEST"  2  29DAO  Wakefield
19"Sibiu, a old german town with friendly people"  4  5tijs  The Hague
20"Sibiu / Hermannstadt"  4  12TravellerMel  Franklin
21"Sibiu"  2  3glenn57  Toronto
22"my town-sibiu"  7Moreav  Sibiu
23"Mr_Furious's Sibiu Page"  14  12Mr_Furious  Mechelen
24"Sibiu - On and Off the Road in Transyvania"  16  34Roadquill  Calabasas
25"The beautiful Sibiu"  7  8faq  Lisbon
26"Capital of Culture? Huh?"  11  22Jetgirly  North America
27"fla_via's new Sibiu Page"  2  3fla_via  Munich
28"cluj's Sibiu page"  9cluj  World
29"[NO TITLE]"  1bertha95  World
30"To Sibiu with VT"  2  10Ekaterinburg  Cork
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