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1"Freedom, Solidarity and German heritage"  296  1241matcrazy1   Tychy
2"Gdansk - the great city."  91  110Dagon   Gdansk
3"Gdansk - Capital of the Tri-city"  42  117HORSCHECK   Germany
4"Gdansk - German spirit port of Poland"  42  73Raimix   Vilnius
5"I LOVED GDANSK!"  37  119balhannah    Brisbane
6"Gdansk - A Phoenix Risen From the Ashes"  24  25Ekaterinburg  Cork
7"The Treasures of Gdansk"  26  94Pawtuxet  Rhode Island
8"Nice, old Gdansk"  27  22Landad  Durham
9"Gdansk - a port to freedom."  73  336Askla  Hallsberg
10"My favorite city in the world!"  32  74briantravelman  Oroville
11"The Echanting Gdansk..."  36  40coceng  Kampong Masjid Tanah
12"The pearl of the Hansa!"  18  28Carletto76  Gorizia
13"GDANSK ~ the Polish pearl on the Baltic"  42  133gosiaPL  Warsaw
14"Gdansk"  20  78MalenaN   Europe
15"Gdansk - close but difficult to describe"  12  27zaffaran  Gdynia
16"Gdansk - Danzig"  39  142piosku67  Gdynia
17"Sea Capital"  20  Warsaw
18"Gdansk - Freedom For All"  12  41mightywease  Maidenhead
19"Gdansk - Hanseatic Beauty at the Polish Coast"  13  31MikeAtSea  Durban
20"GDANSK - Top of Hanseatic beauty"  13  19sihi  Johvi
21"Gdansk"  12  5AcornMan  Denver
22"Ben-UK's Gdansk Page"  14  15Ben-UK  Manchester
23"GDANSK"  8  16katmag  New Brunswick
24"Gdansk"  22  99elpariente   Santander
25"Neptunes Playground"  7  10Bushman23  Ladysmith
26"Gdansk"  4  14alancollins  Banbury
27"Gdansk"  3  5chiara76  Warsaw
28"[NO TITLE]"  8wandw  London
29"The Solidarity Monument in Gdansk"  5  6shrimp56  Chicago
30"Lovely riverside at Gdansk"  7  17alectrevor  York
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