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1"Pszczyna -- Pearl of Upper Silesia"  24  65ZiOOlek   Warsaw
2"My first meal in Poland!"  11  12Kodi01   Dallas
3"Psczcyna - Euromeet 2010 Excursion"  6  59Kathrin_E   Karlsruhe
4"Pszczyna - do not try to pronounce it :-)"  72  99matcrazy1   Tychy
5"A day-trip from Krakow"  4  16toonsarah   Ealing
6"CASTLE MUSEUM IN PSZCZYNA"  4  38LoriPori  Windsor
7"Don't try to pronounce it, just go visit."  4  8acemj  Philadelphia
8"On and Off the Road in Pszczyna"  2  8Roadquill  Calabasas
9"Ben-UK's Pszczyna page"  2  2Ben-UK  Manchester
10"Versailles cannot compete with Pszczyna..."  1  1Assenczo  Ottawa
11"VT Euromeet Day out to Pszczyna (psh-chi-nah)"  1  4suvanki  Sheffield