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1"Baguio city"  25  32allelli   San Juan
2"Baguio Today"  29  117cyndymc   Province of Laguna
3"Baguio City - It's a "cool" place"  14  51semper.max   Quezon City
4"City of Pines and Mums"  13  16yellowbell   Denver
5"Baguio For Christmas Break"  13  74Lensky   Pasig
6"Summer Capital of the Philippines"  10  13limledi  Cebu Island
7"i see pine trees of green, red roses too"  14  24zephyrgurl108  Shenzhen
8"Baguio City"  8  2yen_2  Tokyo
9"Beautifully Cool!"  10  18monina_c  Sariaya
10"Baguio City.....Cool Retreat from the heat"  9  10herzog63  Kodiak
11"Baguio City: Summer Capital of the Philippines"  6  22Kisses&Co  New Jersey
12"Summer Capital of the Philippines"  7  32mikoykoy  Paranaque
13"Baguio: A faint memory"  5  6acemj  Philadelphia
14"The City of Pines"  11  1mijyay  Melbourne
15"Baguio City"  27  57mlt_t  Manila
16"Baguio - my favorite place when I was a kid"  4  6jumpingnorman  Phoenix
17"Baguio is my second home"  5  11litekimchi  Philippines
18"Everything an Asian Mountain City Should Be"  4  13Balam  Manchester
19"Summer Capital of the Philippines"  8  23aishen1208  Dasmarinas
20"REVISITING COOL BAGUIO CITY"  19  47pres_16  City of Manila
21"Baguio"  7  19danaiskra  Manila
22"Baguio City, Philippines"  17  44enail  World
23"Mabuhay, Welcome to Baguio City!"  3  4joysweet  Manila
24"Baguio City"  4  5edachsund  Oxford
25"trIppIn' at BaguioOwow!"  6  30missmarianne  Philippines
26"Baguio City, PHILIPPINES"  33  78dave&jen  Hawaii (State of)
27"[NO TITLE]"  4ProudMarikenya  Marikina
28"Baguio City"  18  26iclee  Pasig
29"Baguio City"  2  3battlesmith  Manila
30"A Cool but Pretty Ordinary Place"  5  5jgbrillantes  Laie
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