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1"Dedicated to Jacek Kaczmarski"  264  1165matcrazy1   Tychy
2"All around me"  103  347evaanna   Poland
3"Warsaw Rising"  88  80AcornMan   Denver
4"WARSAW- THE CITY WITH A HISTORY!"  73  98PolishChick   Warsaw
5"My Home Town"  120   Warsaw
6"This page is dedicated to my Dad Zygmunt Strzezek"  48  136scottishvisitor  Aberdeen
7"I love Warsaw!"  71  187ZiOOlek  Warsaw
8"Warsaw - example of destruction and reconstruction"  57  104Raimix  Vilnius
9"WARSAW - Fascinating, beautiful, delicious!"  47  154Pawtuxet  Rhode Island
10"Warsaw"  51  236alancollins  Banbury
11"Warszawa - Risen from ashes"  36  68HORSCHECK  Germany
12"Warsaw in Winter"  50  52MichaelFalk1969  Frankfurt am Main
13"Resilient Warsaw"  50  86acemj  Philadelphia
14"Warsaw - I live here"  53  83ania70pl  Warsaw
15"Warsaw , the rising phoenix"  52  25adin  Israel
16"Travel trough time"  37  62Odiseya  Europe
17"Warsaw - The Phoenix City"  28  45Tripack  Switzerland
18"Warsaw visit"  26  131uglyscot  Khartoum
19"A great city in the very heart of Europe!"  23  34Carletto76  Gorizia
20"Shame of the Humanity !!!"  26  35traveloturc  Istanbul
21"WARSAW, THE EUROPEAN PHOENIX BIRD"  22  23elcolibri  Isla de Tenerife
22"WARSZAWA"  20  67dejavu2gb  Reading
23"Warsaw"  27  68Vanity666  Didcot
24"My Hometown-Warsaw (Warszawa)."  17  27chiara76  Warsaw
25"Two Nights In Metropolitan City Warsaw"  28  75fachd  Canberra
26"Warsaw is the Phoenix of Europe"  28  29dlytle  Atlanta
27"Warsaw in 2 nights and 1 day"  15  28marielexoteria  Copenhagen
28"One of Europe's best-kept Secrets: WARSAW"  12  49JessH  Dubai
29"Warsaw"  20  20Spinka  Sydney
30"Warsaw on the first day of spring"  12  18Kinia  Poland
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