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1"WROCLAW"  81  184evona   Erfurt
2"Where my heart belongs"  45  82magor65   Wroclaw
3"WROCLAW AND ITS GENIUS LOCI"  65  109wroclawiak   Wroclaw
4"Wroclaw - Beautiful capital of Lower Silesia"  37  81HORSCHECK   Germany
5"Breslau-Wrocław: a Mitteleuropean city"  46  151Mikebond   Rovigo
6"Wroclaw - Breslau"  31  93german_eagle  Dresden
7"WrocLove - you'll love this city !"  37  97AgnusRafferty  Wroclaw
8"Wroclaw"  22  115alancollins  Banbury
9"Wroclaw"  25  68ZiOOlek  Warsaw
10"Place where I live"  21  23Toja  Edinburgh
11"The Most Enchanting Wroclaw..."  47  67coceng  Kampong Masjid Tanah
12"A city shaking off the shackles of the past"  14  43EasyMalc  Paignton
13"the jewel of Silesia"  16  17call_me_rhia  Europe
14"Wroclaw"  11  11Natalllya  Oakville
15"Wroclaw"  14  31Ben-UK  Manchester
16"Wroclaw"  22  31TarjaH  Finland
17"WROCLAW"  24  103pieter_jan_v  Hengelo
18"The pearl of Silesia"  6  13Nikolay_Ivanov  Olesnica
19"Wroclaw - My familiar city in Poland"  38  68Airpunk  Mainz
20"Wroclaw, the beautiful student city"  9  38dhina  Düsseldorf
21"Wroclaw - the capital of Silesia"  5  14AndreSTGT  Stuttgart
22"Magical Wroclaw"  6  Warsaw
23"Wroclaw"  5  12rollinstone81  Düsseldorf
24"My favourite trip"  11  67_seconds  Croatia
25"Wroclaw ( Breslau)- city of meetings"  22  22flo_wear  Wroclaw
26"My Wroclaw"  5  6Andanto  Wroclaw
27"WROCLAW THE MINI VENICE OF POLAND"  26  27marishabandb  World
28"my Wroclaw:) (under constr.)"  5  5LouCypher22  Wroclaw
29"Where old meets new"  4  7Knutt  Bochum
30"Wroclaw, Poland"  3  23SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
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