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1"MY BIRTHPLACE"  512  1558pieter_jan_v   Hengelo
2"God made the Dutch, but the Dutch made Holland"  100  201jo104   Sri Lanka
3"Amsterdam - I love it!"  83  174Mariajoy   East Sussex
4"Amsterdam, is it real?"  129  120ATLC   Hellevoetsluis
5"Amsterdam, where the Dutch money is spend"  108  135Pavlik_NL   Arnhem
6"Amsterdam! The most liberal city in the World"  173  280BlueBerry_7  South Carolina
7"Dutch Arts and History."  65  185breughel  Belgium
8"dila's new Amsterdam Page"  111  129dila  Amsterdam
9"Three Days Is Not Enough"  53  206nicolaitan  Long Island
10"Amsterdam - city on water"  85  113Jarin  Amsterdam
11"Amsterdam, City of Bikes and Canals"  56  79Helga67  Belgium
12"Amsterdam: An Old Town with New Ideas"  80  395von.otter  World
13"Amsterdam: There is no other city like it"  50  92davequ  Penistone
14"Hamster Jam!"  58  119johngayton  Lundy Island
15"Amsterdam"  64  108MATIM  Gilze
16"The Defense Line of Amsterdam"  47  107Pijlmans  Amsterdam
17"Amsterdam, the city"  61  138tompt  Noordeinde
18"The World Spins in Circles"  40  42acemj  Philadelphia
19"Amstel's Dam - Amsterdam"  34  51codrutz  Bucharest
20"amsterdam the other city that doesn't sleep."  68  108excitableone  Las Vegas
21"Canal Knowledge"  82  229yooperprof  Marquette
22"Amsterdam - City of canals and bicycles"  26  97HORSCHECK  Germany
23"Cycling and opera in Amsterdam"  31  116Nemorino  Frankfurt am Main
24"Amsterdam"  30  31micas_pt  Lisbon
25"My Amsterdam Adventures"  35  95garridogal  Boston
26"Amsterdam"  45  80Jim_Eliason   Grand Prairie
27"This City Has It All..."  63  66heryanta  Manhattan Beach
28"A'dam 2002"  76  69isolina_it  Europe
29"Amsterdam: Historic and Tolerant"  28  39CoAir13  Rocky River
30"Amsterdam"  36  50martin_nl  Hoofddorp
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