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1"For your Dutch quaintness fix :-)"  61  57ATLC   Hellevoetsluis
2"Delft from where the "blue" conquered the world."  74  94Pavlik_NL   Arnhem
3"DELFT --A SPECIAL PLACE IN OUR HEARTS"  28  94LoriPori   Windsor
4"Delving into Delft"  36  114iandsmith   Moonee Beach
5"Playing tourist on a beautiful sunny but cold day"  24  51Mique   Rangoon
6"Delving Through Delft"  17  53nicolaitan  Long Island
7"The Royal Delft"  16  20Nathalie_B  Tel Aviv-Yafo
8"Delft"  12  13Helga67  Belgium
9"Delft in 1995"  16  92Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
10"A Delft Blue Meeting"  9  18Imaniac  Ningbo
11"a day out on a sunny day"  15  22margaretvn  Netherlands
12"Delft"  7  22robertgaz  Bunbury
13"after meeting in delft"  8  13dila  Amsterdam
14"Delft"  8  9Mariajoy  East Sussex
15"Very pretty place, Delft...."  7  36leics   Leicester
16"Delft, well preserved architecture"  8  17Martin_S.  Arad
17"Delft"  7  9OlafS  Belgium
18"DELFT"  10  19truus_s  Eibergen
19"Delft a city of kings and porcelain"  11  13hat53  Delfgauw
20"[NO TITLE]"  5  1nsurati  Delft
21"Rainy... Grey... Sad... but still beautiful"  11  12Lalique  Moscow
22"Delft, The Netherlands"  4  9penumbra  Calgary
23"delft"  9  16call_me_rhia  Europe
24"Delft"  4  10pieter_jan_v  Hengelo
25"Porcelain Town"  4  8Rixie  California
26"What can you do in three days when in Delft?"  16  53gordonilla  Uxbridge
27"HOME OF WORLD FAMOUS "ROYAL DELFTWARE""  3  9balhannah  Brisbane
28"CUTE OLD TOWN"  5  15nada.c  Belgrade
29"Delft: historic studentcity"  9  12jeoren  Delft
30"Old Delft"  7  14pawimzelf  Delft
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