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1"PHILIPPINES---ISLANDS, MOUNTAINS & FRIENDLY PEOPLE"  187  242davidjo   Puerto Princesa
2"The Philippines: The Fiesta Islands of Asia"  57  55hunwagner   Budapest
3"Philippines"  46  239elsadran   Greece
4"Tierra Adorada, Hija Del Sol De Oriente..."  39  38syllybabe   Happy Corner
5"My Country Home"  34  111namiewa   Vancouver
6"Over 7000 Islands!! Have Fun"  31  38herzog63  Kodiak
7"Beautiful Philippines Page"  30  31D._Pepper  Manila
8"I just love the Philippines."  21  73cachaseiro  Denmark
9"Philippines: The Forgotten Paradise"  22  46matt10gonzalez  Bacolod City
10"My Beloved Filipinas"  39  40yen_2  Tokyo
11"Mabuhay!"  31  99theguardianangel  City of Manila
12"Destination Philippines: The Land of Smiles"  21  21whvcebu  Duisburg
13"Philippines, The Widest Smile In Asia"  20  57kidfree  Leicester
14"Philippines"  18  21i-s-a  Province of Bataan
15"Mabuhay Philippines"  17  25allelli  San Juan
16"check-in? Dehins, noy-pi. hehe."  18  42birgitte  Philippines
17"SOJOURNS IN THE ARCHIPELAGO"  15  56mtncorg  Portland
18"I Was Born In Manila!"  8  74jumpingnorman  Phoenix
19"P I L I P I N A S"  8  16high_d  Virginia
20"Wow Philippines!"  7  27nixca316  Paranaque
21"The Philippines"  17  28StefanosS  City of Manila
22"Where people smile almost all the time"  7  4Penelope4  Vienna
23"The Republic of the ' P H I L I P P I N E S '"  16  44kylian74  Erpe
24"Philippines - "Tropical Islands in the Sun""  10  27bike_packer  Philippines
25"Boracay-God's Country"  16  46slaybelle  North America
26"I finally made it."  11  115planxty  London
27"Islands in the sun"  6  7GenuinelyCurious  Oakland
28"mAbUhAy...Bayan kong PILIPINAS!!"  47  58mlt_t  Manila
29"PILIPINAS........."  4missmarianne  Philippines
30"Philippines"  4  5Jorgito_lindo  Bangkok
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