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1"Texel, where the wind always blows."  59  100tompt   Noordeinde
2"Sun, sea and sheep!"  39  55Jerelis   Hoogeveen
3"Texel, seven villages and more ."  17  71vtveen   Apeldoorn
4"WELCOME TO MY TEXEL PAGE ......:-)"  30  40eden_teuling   Netherlands
5"Sheep, shrimp, seagulls, shores, sea, and scenery"  8  10ingridf_nl   Amsterdam
6"Texel : the nature and bike lovers paradise!"  11  26ptitetoile  Brussels
7"Holland in miniature"  3  13Roeffie  Druten
8"Texel is all about nature"  4  23Imaniac  Ningbo
9"Texel"  8  1catnl  Eindhoven
10"texel, a day cycling"  4  19ardnas67  Heerhugowaard
11"Texel"  9  43a5floor  Apeldoorn
12"the islands near amsterdam, netherlands"  3  4forshy1  Los Angeles
13"La Holandesa on the island: Texel"  1  5La_Holandesa  Europe
14"More than sheep"  3  4carolineraat  Leiden
15"TEXEL"  2  3RoyJava  The Hague