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1"Norway: The fjords land"  120  341Cristian_Uluru   Italy
2"Norway - the nature in its purest form"  70  216Diana75   Bucharest
3"Saagar's Norway pages"  162  131Saagar   Norway
4"Norway"  83  85YokuMoku   Top of the World
5"Beautiful Norway!"  55  56sim1   Sweden
6"Norway"  57  60munki  Madrid
7"NORWAY"  40  542hopang  Sweden
8"90 Days in Norway by motorhome & HURTIGRUTEN"  31  117globetrott  Vienna
9"NORWAY - Land of Water and Forests"  27  60novsco61  Ljubljana
10"Norway"  22  89travelfrosch  Boston
11"Norway"  25  22MichaelFalk1969  Frankfurt am Main
12"Tønsberg, Norway"  19  68KaisaL  Rockford
13"NORWAY"  30  8SORHUS  Haugesund
14"Norge mitt Norge"  48  15jonkb  Malmö
15"BILLET TIL ADVENTURE"  12  13mtncorg  Portland
16"Norway – Fjords, glaciers and the midnight sun"  26  39daarth   Bergen
17"My home country"  11  40Rusket  Drangedal
18"Our five tours of Norway"  10  15evaanna  Poland
19"Land of the Midnight Sun"  15  42JuraidahJ  Singapore
20"Just a (too) short encounter"  14  24tini58de  Karlsruhe
21"F.Lade's new Norway Page"  28  52F.Lade  Nøtterøy
22"Towards the Midnight sun"  13  16SirRichard  Madrid
23"somewhere in norway i found myself"  7  23norvegiasara  Prato
24"NORWAY."  7  31Regina1965   Reykjavík
25"Sea, Snow and Sun"  32  66GUYON  Paris
26"Norway"  37  51may1273  Central & Eastern Thailand
27"NORWAY"  6  13tales  Italy
28"Norway 2004"  14  15cecicorr  Modena
29"Norway - Jottenheimen"  7  11NEILHALLIDYA  King's Lynn
30"I am proud to present"  7  4Crazywoman  Östhammar
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