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1"Luxembourg, an amazing fortress city"  77  85ATLC   Hellevoetsluis
2"Luxembourg - Capital of the Grand Duchy"  36  103HORSCHECK   Germany
3"A VERY FUN CITY !"  35  160DAO   Wakefield
4"Luxembourg"  29  32Imbi   London
5"Quietly self-contained......"  27  104leics   Leicester
6"The jewel among other giants"  33  41Skipka  Bratislava
7"Luxembourg City"  24  59acemj  Philadelphia
8"Luxembourg City"  27  28LarsLous  Dudelange
9"Luxembourg - European Capital"  30  31MikeAtSea  Durban
10"Often overlooked"  17  21morgenhund  Vienna
11"Luxembourg"  23  45nighthawk  Ten Boer
12"Cows & Banks ***"  9  9Norali  Antananarivo
13"Small Is Beautiful!"  17  24el_ruso  Coral Gables
14"Make that country #51"  10  21Dabs  Chicago
15"Luxembourg - Fairytale city"  6  9maria-belgrade  Belgrade
16"Luxembourg - the very cozy capital of Luxembourg."  12  13Askla  Sweden
17" LUXEMBOURG - Very Nice"  8  11sargentjeff  Abu Dhabi
18"Luxembourg - Gibraltar of the North"  18  70Airpunk  Mainz
19"Luxembourg City: Walkable and Worth An Afternoon"  5  18TooTallFinn24  Sacramento
20"Underneath the Arches"  15  34antistar  Frankfurt am Main
21"The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg"  4  8SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
22"A really trilingual capital city"  3  17Mikebond  Josselin
23"Luxembourg"  3  8dejavu2gb  Reading
24"Luxembourg: Right in the Middle"  4  19Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
25"Luxembourg"  5  6rcsparty  Detroit
26"Luxembourg"  9  13Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
27"Luxembourg"  3  10voyager37  Naha
28"Luxembourg City"  2  9StuartDutchman  The Hague
29"Capital of a small country with very high income"  1  2Manara  Parma
30"[NO TITLE]"  3  5Lunaina  Helmond
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