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1"Sanssouci Royal Park"  38  229alancollins   Banbury
2"Potsdam, More than Princes, Parks and Palaces"  24  71Mariajoy   East Sussex
3"Potsdam - town of palaces, parks and water"  25  47Raimix   Vilnius
4"Potsdam for a dessert after Berlin"  15  35magor65   Wroclaw
5"Potsdam and Cecilienhof"  16  68Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
6"Palaces and History"  14  17GentleSpirit  Rockville
7"Potsdam"  13  41MD2nd  Germany
8"Potsdam"  29  32barryg23  Ealing
9"Potsdam"  14  14MichaelFalk1969  Frankfurt am Main
10"Beautiful like the gardens of Sanssouci"  8  26Maria250  Germany
11"Postdam"  11  13Imbi  London
12"Potsdam"  20  35mvtouring  South Africa
13"A day of science with a few moments for tourism."  5  23kokoryko  Dushanbe
14"Potsdam: Where Berlin stores its treasures"  6  18dlandt  Chicago
15"Potsdam"  10  11Kate-Me  Ballarat
16"Potsdam, Brandenburg"  13  14DrewV  Downers Grove
17"The Emperor's residential town"  12  22Nikolay_Ivanov  Olesnica
18"A Truly European City"  4  27Gerrem  Germany
19"1976 Visit"  3  5DEBBBEDB  United States of America
20"Conference Site"  6  45grandmaR  Leonardtown
21"Carefree Potsdam"  5  5deeper_blue  London
22"Potsdam - a Prussian pearl"  3  3tauroctonia  Berlin
23"[NO TITLE]"  1  1sourbugger  County Galway
24"postdam, so cute!"  1  1miromi  San Francisco
25"Work in Progress"  12  19antistar  Frankfurt am Main
26"Houseboat trip to Potsdam"  11  36himalia11  Schupbach
27"*** Potsdam ***"  5  60EdinburghRoc  Edinburgh
28"The Brandenburg State Capital- Potsdam"  6  21mallyak  Sydney
29"Charming ghost"  12  13mauro_pd  Cassano d'Adda
30"[NO TITLE]"  1  4aukahkay  Singapore
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