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1"Maldives by Air"  42  238DAO    Wakefield
2"Yes, the water really is this blue"  35  74LisaMJ   Bournemouth
3"I say: “Sun Island”, but the words don't suffice…"  96  430Fam.Rauca   Vienna
4"Maldives - A Paradise On Earth"  40  75fashionapple   Pakistan
5"Maldives - sea, sun, beach and snorkeling"  25  33Myndo   Basel
6"Sun Island Resort"  33  82Conflictrealms  London
7"A Little Paradise Island-Fiha Lhohi"  27  59faridah  Singapore
8"Maldives: Underwater Paradise"  26  22batgirl1001  Auckland
10"the sun always shines on tv"  18  45call_me_rhia  Europe
11"" Club Tropicana drinks are freeeeee.....!!! ""  12  8Custodyspice  United Kingdom
12"Maldives"  12  37thelittlevoice  Bangkok
13"The Maldives"  10  11MattTB  London
14"Maldives/Ellaidhoo tourist resort"  19  20beccyandjohn  Oxenhope
15"ME, MYSELF AND THE MALDIVES"  7  45Gillybob  Manchester
16"Maldives - Velidhu"  9  19tolovajka  Gorizia
17"Sweet dreams are made of these"  11  76Restless-in-kl  Kuala Lumpur
18"my First view for the real sea"  71  114sylina  Shanghai
19"Maldives from the Air"  41  42wto  Sheffield
20"White Sands Resort (Ari Beach), South Ari Atoll"  19  34Beestie  Shrewsbury
21"Baros Resort, Maldives"  7  10TravlinTone  Chippenham
22"Maldives"  10  43HEB  West Yorkshire
23"HAKURAA CLUB RESORT"  8  30trevndebs  Boscombe
24"THE MALDIVES ARE A TRUE PARADISE!(Under const.)"  6  19tere1  Paço de Arcos
25"Maldives"  9  10MOSSETT  Surrey
26""Sunny side up, please.""  7  9leigh767  Hong Kong
27"Maldives"  28  30o00o  Tokyo
28"Paradise in the Indian Ocean"  7  12ratherton  England
29"Maldives - Dhigufinolhu Resort"  7  19sierralyndon  Milan
30"Maldives"  5  6bijo69  Wasquehal
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