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1"Welcome To Eger"  37  40cobrioc   United States of America
2"Eger - I was delighted"  30  61Skeptic-jr   Krakow
3"Eastward Ho! Reliving Past Glories"  12  37antistar   Frankfurt am Main
4"Eger - baroque town with a minaret."  13  22Askla   Hallsberg
5"Ben-UK's Eger page"  6  7Ben-UK   Manchester
6"Eger"  16  48popi3  Patras
7"Land of Wine, Women and Song"  6  7msforbes  Hans Island
8"Little Eger"  5  11blint  Cadiz
9"Eger -- Wine and points north"  7  14kaloz  Cordova
10"Eger"  11  25barryg23  Ealing
11"Beautiful Eger - land of the EGRI BIKAVER:)"  7  9Pablo_krak  Krakow
12"TRAVELLING WITH THE LOCALS, NE HUNGARY"  3  6ViajesdelMundo  Los Barriles
13"Eger"  12  30Redang  Madrid
14"a lovely historical city famous for its wine"  3  2cbeaujean  Málaga
15"Eger"  7  25wojsyl  Warsaw
16"[NO TITLE]"  1  2DiannBennett  Preston
17"Eger"  1  2aramat  Budapest
18"Dont miss this city while beeing in Hungary!"  1  6cold_dead_bunny  Kiev
19"Eger"  3  12where2next  Boston
20"Eger"  5  13Patje  Kuurne
21"Birdwatching around Eger"  3  8MikeBird  Bedfordshire
22"Beautiful Eger"  14  19mikarov99  Tijuana
23"tiger in eger"  1  2picek  Slovenia
24"Baroque and minarets"  1  2gmg61  Avellino
25"Eger"  3  13hungariangirl896  Budapest
26"Eger page"  2  5egonwegh  Nijmegen
27"A trip through a wine celler"  1  5heplion  Minneapolis
28"[NO TITLE]"  1yankeepeddler  Baltimore
29"Eger - city of great vines and brave women"  1  4edinka  Budapest
30"Eger, Hungary - a cute little place"  4  4beluga  Leiden
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