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1"Sopron - A little taste of Hungary"  14  26Ekaterinburg   Cork
2"Sopron, Hungary"  8  48SWFC_Fan   Sheffield
3"Day Trip to Sunny Sopron"  10  21IreneMcKay    Hong Kong
4"Sopron"  29  66ostia   Budapest
5"Sopron"  9  29Redang   Madrid
6"Sopron"  13  14hu_women  Phoenix
7"S O P R O N"  3  3coccinella169  Vienna
8"Sopron Hungary"  2  5Andrew_W_K  Bridgnorth
9"SOPRON"  8  9ancato  Constanta
10"Sopron, a taste of Hungary at the gates to Vienna"  3  5DesertRat  Oman
11"Sopron -- Out of the way -- but woth it"  9  12kaloz  Cordova
12"An ancient holiday place for an Empire"  3  6lichinga  Torino
13"Sopron"  1  2Lyceum  Partille
14"HISTORICAL SOPRON"  3  15balhannah  Brisbane
15"Almost Austria"  1  2albert34  Palencia
16"Sopron In Winter"  1  9TexasDave  Atlanta
17"Just a hop, skip and a jump over the border..."  3  3morgenhund  Vienna