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1"Szeged: a key area in Hungarian history"  17  20GillianMcLaughlin   Brussels
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3"Szeged-City of Sunshine"  6  7HappyCaretta   Izmir
4"TWO TOWERS"  2  5frankyboy5   Budapest
5"A town perfect for relaxing"  1shipmatejoe  South Lake Tahoe
6"SZEGED...."  1  4alirom  Romania
7"Szeged, the shoping center of ex Yu during 1980's"  1  2KonstantinII  Novi Sad
8"Zem's new Szeged Page"  1  2Zem  Budapest
9"[NO TITLE]"  6tierecke  Amsterdam
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11"Border city"  1  2draguza  Milan
12"GeorgiosX's new Szeged Page"  2  3GeorgiosX  Thessaloniki
13"badamcevski's new Szeged Page"  4  3badamcevski  Auckland
14"Szeged Page"  1gondist  Szeged
15"Szeged, 11.August 1999"  2  2Andreaska  Austria
16"FooLman's Szeged Page"  2FooLman  Budapest
17"madar's new Szeged Page"  2madar  Hungary
18"papai's page"  3papai  Szeged
19"Milan's new Szeged Page"  2  3Milan  Belgrade
20"[NO TITLE]"  5bean  Hilversum