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1"Szentendre"  13  56MalenaN   Europe
2"Serbs, Schlock, and Sacred Art in Szentendre"  9  30nicolaitan   Long Island
3"A Great day trip from Budapest"  12  23blint   Cadiz
4"At the bend of the Danube"  7  17rexvaughan   Decatur
5"Szentendre"  9  11grkboiler   Santiago
6"Short guidebook to Szentendre"  5  16csordila  Budapest
7"Szentendre"  16  64mindcrime  Athens
8"Szentendre, meaning Saint Andrew"  4  5Skeptic-jr  Krakow
9"Szentendre: a tiny village shouldnt be missed out!"  4  5shirez  Budapest
10"Nice day trip from Budapest"  4  11Museeuw  Zottegem
11"Small picturesque city - Szentendre"  4  7Raimix  Vilnius
12"Szentendre, centre of the Danube Bend"  8  9Pieter11  Roosendaal
13"Delightful..........."  8  29leics  Leicester
14"A World & 40 Minutes Away from Budapest"  7  28monkeytrousers  Oxford
15"Artistic Town"  6  11hartti  Turku
16"Szentendre"  1  8cheesecake17  Shizuoka
17"Szentendre - Quaint town on Danube Bend"  1  10Mikebb  Perth
18"Szentendre"  3  6cold_dead_bunny  Kiev
19"Well this is Piliszentlaszlo close to Szentendre"  6  9budapest8  Ekensberg
20"[NO TITLE]"  1  1berenices  Lisbon
21"Szentendre"  8  20barryg23  Ealing
22"Szentendre"  5  7shrimp56  Chicago
23"Szentendre"  5  6Maeve_81  Lier
24"[NO TITLE]"  4gigina  Malta
25"Cozy, but expensive"  7  5erdacoca  Pondicherry
26"Tat Central"  6  13antistar  Frankfurt am Main
27"[NO TITLE]"  1  5shonesrb  Republic of Serbia
28"Szentendre"  23  31mvtouring  South Africa
29"A Beautiful Town in Hungary..."  9  19coceng  Kampong Masjid Tanah
30"Szentendre (day trip from Budapest)"  3  3europebn  Edinburgh
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