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1"Aegina - the Pearl of the Argosaronic Gulf"  13  88Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
2"One Day Cruise"  11  25Lilasel   Annemasse
3"Visiting the Island of Aegina"  13  63greekcypriot   Greece
4"Aigina..."  15  21mardaska   Athens
5"Just take a boat & drink your coffee in an island"  8  11Aggeliki   Athens
6"So close to Athens, so far away..."  15  16AndyRG  Athens
7"Aigina (Aegina)"  6  6AcornMan  Denver
8"Aegina in the rain!"  6  11suvanki  Sheffield
9"A paradise!"  11  9railadan  Woudenberg
10"Aegina Island: Jewel of the Saronic Gulf"  6  24Confucius  Beijing
11"Aigina and Moni"  7  8Irine_29  Athens
12"Aegina, Greece"  3  16SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
13"My AIGINA (I steal Work it)"  3  7MITNIC  Athens
14"Classic Greek Beauty"  4  15wilocrek  Salt Lake City
15"[NO TITLE]"  1  4saw50st8  Teaneck
16"I've had enough of Athens, off to an island"  3  16athena10x  Portland
17"Remember how being abroad used to be?"  4  4gaylordtrotsky  Abingdon-on-Thames
18"Aegina"  4  4grkboiler  Santiago
19"Faraway so Close"  4  5gnt70  Luxembourg
20"[NO TITLE]"  1berlinboy  World